Interested in our internal doors?

Our internal doors cover a whole range of styles and applications from the likes of Vicaima, Premdor & Deanta.

Internal Moulded Skin Doors

Very similar to flush doors, just finished with a moulded skin, these doors are one of our most popular styles, and available in many different designs.

Internal Doors

At JDT we offer a huge range of internal doors from the UK’s best suppliers, ensuring we have the perfect door for every application. We hold hundreds of different styles of internal door in stock and can order specific styles and sizes into stock to ensure you have the smoothest build possible.

Internal Flush Doors

Put simply. flush doors are the alternative to traditional panel doors, and use single pieces of material rather than panels fitted between rails. We have a huge range of flush doors in stock and and even more available to order, directly from the manufacturers.

Internal Panel Doors

Panel doors, made by fitting panels in between rails and stiles, provide a more traditional look than more common modern types of internal door. All of the top UK’s top manufacturers produce panel doors, meaning we have access to hundreds of different colour, size and style combinations.

Internal Glazed Doors

We have many different types of glazed doors to choose from, whether it is a flush or panel door you are looking for, we will have the perfect glazed option for every internal application.

Internal Fire Doors

Internal fire doors are a key safety feature and a legal requirement in many different types of development including commercial premises and apartment buildings. We stock FD30 & FD60 rated doors in various styles.

Internal Acoustic Doors

Acoustic Doors are designed and certified to limit the transfer of sound and are legal requirements on entrance doors in apartment buildings and important in hotel developments. Available in various standards from 29dB to 45dB.

Internal Folding & Sliding Doors

Folding and sliding doors can be used in standard doorways or as space saving doors or as room dividers to offer the flexibility of enclosing rooms without the need for the installation of new walls. Thanks to our suppliers we are able to offer both solutions.